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ACA Lawsuit Petition

Call on Attorney General Morrisey to Remove West Virginia from the Lawsuit that Could Destroy the Affordable Care Act

  1. The Affordable Care Act (ACA) has brought critical health care and economic gains to West Virginia. Since its implementation, over 200,000 West Virginians gained health coverage, and the state receives over $1 billion each year for health care through the Medicaid Expansion and health plan premium tax credit subsidies our state insurance marketplace.
  2. A lawsuit, Texas v. US, threatens the ACA’s benefits to West Virginia. Over 160,000 West Virginians would lose their health coverage if the lawsuit is successful. The state would lose $1.045 billion annually in health care funding- dollars that are providing care to people who need it and help keep our hospitals afloat. Without the ACA, an estimated 16,000 jobs would be lost.
  3. West Virginia’s Attorney General, Patrick Morrisey, is one of the plaintiffs on the case, arguing that the entirety of the ACA must be invalidated on behalf of our state.
  4. West Virginia has the highest percentage (37%) in the country of non-elderly adults with pre-existing conditions, who stand to lose their pre-existing protections if the ACA is struck down.
  5. The Medicaid expansion is the best tool we have to fight the addiction epidemic. Over 50,000 West Virginians receive substance use treatment each year under Medicaid.
  6. Texas v. US would not only end the ACA’s major coverage provisions but also would wipe out insurance rules like the ban on annual and lifetime limits and limits on out-of-pocket costs in health plans. Medicare improvements enacted in the ACA, like closing the Medicare prescription drug donut hole, would be wiped out.
  7. There is no way to adequately protect West Virginians with pre-existing conditions, those suffering from substance use disorders, and those who rely on Medicaid without saving the Affordable Care Act. States like West Virginia cannot enact legislation that would address the full scope of harm to our families.
  8. Widely considered a partisan legal challenge, the lawsuit is almost certain to go before the Supreme Court of the United States to consider the repeal of the ACA. Legal experts – including experts opposed to the ACA and who supported other legal challenges to the law – almost uniformly agree that the arguments in this case are “absurd” or “ludicrous.”

Will you sign?

We call on Attorney General Morrisey to withdraw West Virginia from the lawsuit, as West Virginia has too much to lose if the ACA falls. The impacts would be devastating to our economy, our hospitals, and our residents.  We ask that the State Legislature join our call on behalf of West Virginia families.


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